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Chaga und seine Inhaltsstoffe: Eine medizinische Perspektive
Gregor Staudner 29 February 2024

Chaga and its ingredients: a medical perspective

The Chaga mushroom has long been used in folk medicine in various cultures. In the...

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CHAGA und seine blutdrucksenkende Wirkung
Gregor Staudner 3 January 2024

CHAGA and its antihypertensive effect

The Chaga medicinal mushroom, also known as Inonotus obliquus, is a fascinating species of mushroom that...

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Functional Cordyceps and Chaga Coffee
Gregor Staudner 19 November 2020

Functional Cordyceps and Chaga Coffee

Cordyceps coffee, which contains cordycepin and β-glucan, can be used to improve the quality and functionality of...

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Schlafoptimierung mit Chaga Melatonin & Co.
Gregor Staudner 10 November 2020

Sleep optimisation with Chaga Melatonin & Co.

Restful sleep with Chaga & Co. Restful sleep after an exhausting and stressful day...

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Studie zeigt antivirale Wirkung von Chaga
Gregor Staudner 10 November 2020

Study shows antiviral effect of chaga

The antiviral, anti-inflammatory effect of natural medicinal herbs, mushrooms in a SARS-CoV-2 infection Exciting that the external...

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Die Wirkung von Chaga auf das Immunsystem
Gregor Staudner 21 March 2020

The effect of chaga on the immune system

Chaga and the immune system The beta-glucans contained in the mushroom and a variety of...

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Wie du deinen Chaga Pilz-Tee zubereitest
Gregor Staudner 10 January 2020

How to make your chaga tea

Instructions for preparing Chaga tea infusions Chaga can easily be brewed in a saucepan....

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Unser Chaga im Labortest!
Gregor Staudner 2 December 2019

Our Chaga in the laboratory test!

Our Chaga in the lab test! After numerous enquiries and the uncertainty of some Chaga lovers, we have...

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Chaga-Adaptogene können Stress-Level senken
Gregor Staudner 27 November 2019

Chaga adaptogens can lower stress levels

Adaptogens can regulate stress levels Chaga adaptogens are nutrients that help our body to adapt to stress.

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Essentielle Aminosäuren im Chaga Pilz
Gregor Staudner 12 November 2019

Essential amino acids in the chaga mushroom

What amino acids does the chaga mushroom contain? The U. S. Food and Drug Administration is...

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Beta-Glucan beim Sport - Chaga steigert Regeneration
Gregor Staudner 6 November 2019

Beta-glucan during sport - Chaga increases regeneration

The effect of beta-glucan in combination with sport Chaga beta-glucan has extremely positive effects according to...

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Gesundheitlicher Nutzen von Chaga-Beta-Glucan
Gregor Staudner 2 October 2019

Health benefits of chaga beta-glucan

What are the health benefits of beta-glucans? For several decades now, there have been countless scientific studies on the...

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Beta-Glucan – Ballaststoff mit Turbo-Wirkung
Gregor Staudner 30 September 2019

Beta-glucan - dietary fibre with a turbo effect

The soluble dietary fibre beta-glucan in particular is gaining in importance due to its many health effects in the nutritional,...

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Chaga-Analyse an der TU Wien
Gregor Staudner 23 September 2019

Chaga analysis at the TU Vienna

Researching and analysing Chaga Something is happening in Vienna. The team from The...

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