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Sleep optimisation with Chaga Melatonin & Co.

Restful sleep with Chaga & Co.

Restful sleep after an exhausting and stressful day is not always a given. There are certain foods that help you sleep better at night. A special role is played here, for example, by Amino acid tryptophan. It promotes the production of our sleep hormone melatonin. Melanin is converted into melatonin by our pineal gland. Chaga is one of the strongest melanin carriers, which makes us the most tired and guarantees us optimised sleep phases.

The hormone is in full swing, especially in the dark. The higher the melatonin level in the evening, the deeper and more relaxed you sleep. A positive side effect: Tryptophan also produces the happiness hormone serotonin. The hormone puts you in a good mood, relaxes you and inhibits your appetite. We therefore recommend avoiding carbohydrates before going to bed and instead switching to a protein-rich diet.

It should also be mentioned that dark green foods in particular support the production of melatonin.

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