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My life with Chaga

For a decade now, I have been focussing intensively on chaga, the so-called king of the forest. What fascinates me about this outstanding natural substance are the numerous positive ingredients and the many possibilities that arise from it.

I have made it my goal to bring these natural substances to a wider audience. That is why I have invested a lot of time and effort in researching and educating people about chaga. My commitment has been recognised by two grants from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). I also had the opportunity to write two scientific papers in collaboration with Wood K Plus at the Vienna University of Technology. These papers provide detailed knowledge about chaga and are the result of intensive research and analysis.

I have also summarised all relevant studies, even if they were not carried out directly on humans. The studies on human cells and animals provide impressive results that can offer valuable insights for us humans.

All chaga products that I sell come either from certified organic sources or from wild collections. The raw materials are regularly checked and residue-controlled before they are processed in Germany and Austria. These high standards guarantee the quality and safety of my products.

I strive for a world in which modern diseases have no chance!


I am Chaga!

Gregor Staudner

Founder & Chaga expert

Gregor Staudner

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