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Our Chaga in the laboratory test!

After numerous enquiries and the uncertainty of some Chaga lovers, we have agreed to develop a All-round test at Agrolab to clear up any misconceptions about Chaga. Tree fungi grow a little differently to those that grow on the ground. They are often less affected by pollutants, toxins or radioactivity, for example. Our test at Agrolab shows that Chaga mushrooms come from Siberia or from regions where we obtain our Chaga chunks, Pollutant-free are.

Minerals & Co. in the chaga mushroom

Fortunately, the laboratory found that our Chaga chunks contain, among other things, a High levels of manganese, iron and zinc to show. The sugar values were also convincing and are hardly present. The same applies to the fibre (e.g. beta-glucan), which is present in considerable quantities.

Radioactivity and residue control

It has long been known that Cadmium and mercury pose a particularly high risk to health. In our analysis, both were far below the limit value. The Caesium and iodine levelswere also located at the lowest level.

So you can do it without a guilty conscience Chaga products from us. More tests to follow!

You can view the detailed Chag lab test here:





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