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Autophagy - cell recycling through fasting

Why fasting is healthy

There is only one state that changes the human body more than fasting. Death! Fasting forces our body to utilise the energy and available "building blocks" for new molecules as efficiently as possible. This means that nothing is wasted and everything is reused. This is the healthy secret of fasting. Everything is reused or recycled! Due to the lack of energy, our body is forced to break down the molecules that are not necessary in order to produce energy.

What does a cell have to do with energy?

You have to imagine a cell as a small factory. As long as the raw materials are supplied, production continues. The cellular raw materials are sugars and a few other energy-rich molecules (e.g. fats, proteins or alcohol). We consume these through our food. While this small factory produces this energy for us, by-products are also produced. These are not always entirely harmless. However, the cell does not have time to take care of the "junk". That is why everything is taken to a kind of cellular store. This ballast accumulates there until nothing else fits in. This can be one reason why we become ill.

But if we interrupt the supply of raw materials, there is no production pressure on the cell. It can then devote itself to disposing of the by-products and recycling the molecular waste. This is digested in the cellular stomach. In this way, energy is restored and the harmful molecules are disposed of.

We call this process Autophagy. The word comes from the ancient Greek and means "to eat oneself". Of course, the cell does not eat itself completely. Countless studies have shown that autophagy plays an important role in the Prevention of numerous diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's disease, cancer, liver cirrhosis).

Autophagy, fasting and longevity

Autophagy appears to be one of the most important longevity mechanisms of mankind. It is unimportant whether we are Resveratol in red wine, from the Spermidine or Fasting talk. Longevity through autophagy activation connects them all.

Today's scientists have an important task ahead of them. They can find out exactly how autophagy is regulated and how we can best control it from the outside. In this way, we may find an easier path to a longer and, above all, healthier life.


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