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Healthy fasting with chaga

Our Chaga fasting method is a Intermittent fasting programme and provides the following close support for participants: Evaluation of well-being and therefore the indication for fasting, lessons on nutrients and build-up time, fasting rhythms and rituals, sufficient fluid intake, regular bowel cleansing, constant movement and relaxation in alternation, sufficient silence and time for introspection (self-observation), as well as direct contact with nature.

This fasting programme is aimed at people who are not taking medication, are emotionally balanced and do not suffer from eating disorders. We consider the indicators for therapeutic fasting with Chaga to be Metabolic disorders, chronic illnesses and mental and physical exhaustion particularly useful.

What is important to us during the fasting programme

The nutrient intake during the interruptions is purely plant-based. Free from cereal-, gluten-, lactose- and lectin-containing foods or additives.

The social and interpersonal dimension of fasting is of the utmost importance and is often not addressed: Fasting in a group brings people together, creates solidarity, reduces aggression and erases social differences.

The spiritual dimension of Chaga fasting, even if it is not perceived by everyone during the first fast, is inseparable from fasting. It connects body, soul and spirit in equal measure.

Where and when do you fast?

Time: 28.07 - 4.08.2019

Room: On the mountain pasture near Preitenegg in Carinthia

(Shuttle bus from/to Wolfsberg railway station possible. Car pooling from/to Vienna possible. This service is included in the booking price).

Costs: 680€ incl. accommodation, catering and supervision of all participants.

Important information: sturdy shoes, warm clothing, literature. Smartphones may only be used in emergencies or according to common regulations.

Registrations please send to:

Cancellation conditions: 50% Stormo costs after 30.05, 100% after 30.06!

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