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Chaga product info:

Our Chaga mushroom products come from natural, organic wild harvesting and are produced by hand without exception. All products in our Chaga shop are manufactured in Austria under the strictest criteria and with the utmost care. The effect of the Chaga vital substances has been proven by numerous studies. Furthermore, analyses by WoodKPlus at the Vienna University of Technology show that the Chaga mushroom is clearly the strongest antioxidant discovered on earth to date. The purity of our Chaga chunks is continuously tested and confirmed by Agrolab in Germany. Chaga can be used in many different ways. We are happy to share our knowledge about health aspects, ingredients and possible areas of application before you buy our Chaga products. The Art of Raw is a testament to quality and is one of the leading Chaga dealers and Chaga medicinal mushroom experts throughout Vienna, Austria and Germany.

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