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Chaga for psoriasis, acne and neurodermatitis

Treatment with chaga for neurodermatitis

Chaga can stabilise and optimise our immune system and reduce attacks by our own immune system against our skin cells. Its strong anti-inflammatory substances support the regeneration of the skin.

Chaga can inhibit histamine

Through the internal and external intake of Chaga, the Purification function of the liver and gall bladder are stimulated. Detoxifying the blood is an essential step in stopping neurodermatitis and similar skin diseases, as these waste products contribute to itching.

As our skin is an excretory organ, allergic reactions usually manifest themselves in the form of red spots or blisters on the skin. Although neurodermatitis is not a pure allergy, it does have a tendency to cause allergic flare-ups.

The correct dosage of Chaga

In the treatment of neurodermatitis, approx. 800ml of Chaga tea should be drunk per day.

Ideally, you should start early in the morning on an empty stomach. The interval to the next meal should be at least 30 minutes. This is the best way for the body to absorb the mushroom's vital substances. It is also worth mentioning that a Predominantly alkaline diet has a supportive effect.

In addition to the internal application of our Chaga granules you can use our Chaga tincture on the itchy areas of skin to relieve neurodermatitis. External application shows good results in quickly stopping the itching.

Neurodermatitis in children and infants

In infants, atopic dermatitis manifests itself as cradle cap. This is typically characterised by scaly, reddish, brown patches of skin on the face and scalp. This is accompanied by an itchy rash that can appear all over the body of the infant or toddler.

The mother and her diet play an important role, as the quality of breast milk can be directly linked to skin diseases. 

Chaga is ideal for improving the quality of breast milk. This allows the infant to best absorb and metabolise the healing vital substances and their anti-inflammatory effect.

The above dose can be halved for children.


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